Saturday, 5 November 2011

Get fit for Skiing - Week 6

As we count down the start to the ski season there are now only 5 weeks until we open the Christiania in Les Gets for season 2011/12, we have in association with Steve Bonthrone, a personal trainer from Perth put together a series of 10 exercises to help get you fit for the up coming season. if you search for Fitness on this blog you can find the first half of the 10 exercises that have already been published. We will add a new routine every Saturday until the 3rd of December.

This week we are following up from last Saturday's ball excersie.Steve says "This is taking a basic exercise and making it harder by performing it on an unstable surface therefore targetting the core as well. Start by sitting on the ball and then walk the feet forward whilst forming a lying position."

6. Sit Ups on Ball
 Find a comfortable position with the lower back on top of the ball, or near to. Position the hands on the thighs and slide them to the knees. To advance this, either place the hands across the chest or supporting the head. Aim for 3 sets of 10-15reps with 30secs-1min rest between sets

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