Saturday, 22 October 2011

Get fit for Skiing - Week 4

As we count down the start to the ski season there are now only 7 weeks until we open the Christiania in Les Gets for season 2011/12, we have in association with Steve Bonthrone, a personal trainer from Perth put together a series of 10 exercises to help get you fit for the up coming season. If you search for Fitness on this blog you can find the past exercises and we will publish a fresh routine every Saturday until the 3rd of December.

Steve states "This is probably the most challenging exercise so far and one where you’re sure to be cursing me for!"
4.      Wall Squats

The exercise involves sitting in a squat position against a wall with the knees bent at a 90 degree angle and keeping the back straight. Aim to hold each initially for 5secs and try to increase to 20-30secs. Do this 5 times
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